Orthopaedic Consulting

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Dr. Rudzki serves as a consultant for Arthrex and Stryker. These companies are industry leaders in orthopaedic surgical instruments, implants, imaging, and medical education. Dr. Rudzki’s orthopaedic consulting work with these companies primarily focuses on teaching surgeons new and alternative techniques for arthroscopic and open procedures such as Rotator Cuff Repair, Shoulder Instability Surgery, ACL & PCL Reconstruction, and Shoulder Replacement. This experience and the opportunity to evaluate and assist in product development enables Dr. Rudzki to offer and assess the latest technological advances. Often, these are improvements but not all “new” procedures are “better.” Being able to critically appraise surgical options and counsel patients on the risks, benefits, and alternatives typically gives patients a better understanding of their choices and greater confidence in their decisions.

Dr Rudzki Video Demonstrates new orthopaedic implant for all inside arthroscopic meniscal repair

Dr. Rudzki recently worked with the sports medicine team of Stryker at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, NSW Australia to review advanced arthroscopic surgical repair techniques in the shoulder.

Stryker Australia 5 11 2017 Photo: Beau Pilgrim www.beaupilgrim.com

Stryker Australia 5 11 2017 Photo: Beau Pilgrim www.beaupilgrim.com