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Dr. Rudzki book chapter pediatric elbow disordersDr. Rudzki’s interest in the elbow began while working with Dr. George Paletta of the St. Louis Cardinals and Drs. Ken Yamaguchi and Leesa Galatz of Washington University in St. Louis. As a co-author of several book chapters and review articles on juvenile and adolescent elbow injuries and a team physician working with the Mets and Nationals, Dr. Rudzki cultivated a high level of interest in the treatment of elbow injuries in the overhead athlete. Simultaneously, his trauma background at Barnes Hospital led to further interest in the treatment of sports-related traumatic fractures about the elbow. Following his residency in St. Louis and introduction to baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals, Dr. Rudzki studied under the world-renowned Dr. David Altchek of the Hospital for Special Surgery, a pioneer in the treatment of elbow injuries in overhead athletes. At W.O.S.M., Dr. Rudzki works closely with his hand and upper extremity colleagues for a team approach at the W.O.S.M. Center of Elbow Excellence to treat complex fracture dislocations, nonunions, ligament injuries and a variety of other disorders about the elbow. This team approach with Drs. Richard Barth & David Moss allows for collaborative care across disciplines to optimize outcomes.

Rower Recovers from Olecranon ORIF

  Chief Complaint: Olecranon Fracture Reed, an active 69 year-old male rower, went walking in a rocky jungle in Belize when he slipped and fell landing hard on the point of his left elbow. His

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