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Shoulder Resources: Dr. Rudzki’s great love and focus within sports medicine is the shoulder. This is demonstrated by his research, teaching, publications and presentations on partial rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff vascular supply and it’s role in rotator cuff disease, clavicle fractures, and suture anchors. Dr. Rudzki has the honor and privilege of being a member of the American Shoulder & Elbow Surgeons.  This highly selective academic society is “made up of leading national and international Orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in surgery of the shoulder and elbow.”

Several case studies, patient testimonials, and blog posts can be found through this portion of our site to help educate patients about common shoulder problems, treatment options, and rehabilitation considerations.  Additional information may be gained from visiting links to our YouTube Site, Lectures & Presentations, Research & Publications, and External Sources.

New Technology in Shoulder Replacement: Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is making a place in medicine. Dr. Jonas Rudzki, orthopaedic shoulder specialist, is the first surgeon in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to use a state of the art augmented reality program from Stryker/Tornier to perform total shoulder replacements.  We’ve been using 3D reconstruction to plan total shoulder replacements for over 12 years and

A Triumphant Return to Golf After Shoulder Replacement

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J.D. came into the office with shoulder arthritis treated conservatively for years. As an avid golfer and basketball player, he was inhibited from his activities by arthritis. A CT scan was done with 3D images used to make a custom plan for his shoulder implant using special planning software. A copy of the glenoid(socket) is

Triathlete Returns to Competition after Rotator Cuff Revision Repair

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  “I am supposed to do an Ironman with the oldest grandson when he turns 18…I will be 72) Thank you goes to Dr. Rudzki for doing such an amazing surgical repair on my shoulder and getting me to the start line once again.”   Chief complaint / Injury history -  Linda, an avid triathlete,

Shoulder Instability Update: Latarjet

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Shoulder Instability Update: Latarjet Shoulder instability can be a source of significant pain and disability with progressive damage to cartilage and an increased risk of arthritis and destruction of the bone on the socket (glenoid) and ball (humeral head) of the shoulder joint.  Treatment of shoulder instability has evolved considerably over the past 15

Complex Shoulder Instability: Arthroscopic Treatment of Glenoid Fracture

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Chief Complaint/Injury Susan came in to our office after an acute left shoulder dislocation, which resulted in recurrent shoulder instability. Even the slightest movement caused her shoulder to painfully sublux or dislocate. She felt as if her shoulder was constantly slipping out of its socket. At 70 years old, this can be a challenging problem

Proximal Humerus ORIF Success for Professional Pianist

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Complaint/Injury: Proximal Humerus Fracture Ruth, a 55 year-old female professional performance pianist and instructor, injured her shoulder in June of 2017 when she fell forward onto outstretched hands while running. The fall resulted in a three-part, displaced proximal humerus fracture to her left shoulder. The x-ray (left) shows the displaced bone fragments of the

Ice Hockey and Shoulder Instability

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SHOULDER INSTABILITY & ICE HOCKEY: Shoulder dislocation and instability are not uncommon injuries in ice hockey from the PeeWee level to Men's League hockey to the NHL. Dr. Rudzki has experience with these injuries from research and co-authoring book chapters with world experts to lecturing internationally and from collaborating with colleagues on comprehensive return-to-play protocols

Elite Hockey Athlete After Shoulder Stabilization

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Complaint/Injury Henry was a junior elite ice hockey player at the time of his injury. He felt his shoulder forcefully sublux (pop out of place and go back into place) due to a water sports injury where he fell onto his outstretched arm into the water. Later that day, his shoulder subluxed again. The next

Rotator Cuff Repair at 75 – A decade of shoulder care

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Chief Complaint/Injury 75 year-old female presents with right shoulder pain 10 years after successful arthroscopic rotator cuff repair of her opposite left non-dominant shoulder. She is a painter and has significant shoulder pain and functional limitations that are preventing her from engaging in activities of daily living, obtaining restful sleep at night, and pursuing her

CrossFit Shoulder Injury – Woman in Her Twenties Returns to Crossfit

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In the middle of training for competition, this CrossFit enthusiast experienced troubling shoulder pain that was hindering her performance.

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