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New Technology in Shoulder Replacement: Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is making a place in medicine. Dr. Jonas Rudzki, orthopaedic shoulder specialist, is the first surgeon in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to use a state of the art augmented reality program from Stryker/Tornier to perform total shoulder replacements.  We’ve been using 3D reconstruction to plan total shoulder replacements for over 12 years and

Patient Testimonial: Hiking and skiing after ACL reconstruction and ACL Rehab

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ACL REHAB: Skiing, Hiking, Martial Arts, & Patient Goals Many patients want to get back to skiing after ACL rehab.  From adolescent racers to helicopter skiers in the back-country and recreational skiers in their 70's, we work closely with our patients and physical therapists to help bring patients back to what they love.  The

Elite Hockey Athlete After Shoulder Stabilization

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Complaint/Injury Henry was a junior elite ice hockey player at the time of his injury. He felt his shoulder forcefully sublux (pop out of place and go back into place) due to a water sports injury where he fell onto his outstretched arm into the water. Later that day, his shoulder subluxed again. The next

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