Augmented reality is making a place in medicine. Dr. Jonas Rudzki, orthopaedic shoulder specialist, is the first surgeon in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to use a state of the art augmented reality program from Stryker/Tornier to perform total shoulder replacements. 

We’ve been using 3D reconstruction to plan total shoulder replacements for over 12 years and are thrilled to be a part of the process in evaluating and deploying new technologies to enhance patient care and improve outcomes. The augmented reality goggles build upon the platform of patient-specific guides and preoperative planning software by allowing the surgeon and Operating Room Team to see the 3D preoperative plan as a holographic image that can be manipulated in real time as the surgery is taking place.

We plan a personalized shoulder replacement using a three-dimensional image of the shoulder created from a CT scan. Taking the patient’s anatomy, lifestyle, and other personal factors into consideration, we use a constantly evolving software to map out the joint replacement, print a 3D sterile guide and have our plan uploaded to the glasses. Augmented reality goggles are an evolution of the preoperative planning software and its technology to study and address deformity in three dimensions dynamically. Collectively, this technology has incredible potential to improve precision, minimize complications, enhance implant longevity, and provide better outcomes for our patients.


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