J.D. came into the office with shoulder arthritis treated conservatively for years. As an avid golfer and basketball player, he was inhibited from his activities by arthritis. A CT scan was done with 3D images used to make a custom plan for his shoulder implant using special planning software. A copy of the glenoid(socket) is printed using a 3D printer as well as a guide for the surgery.

J.D. began physical therapy with a comprehensive postoperative protocol 1-2 weeks after his shoulder replacement. The process begins with gentle motion restoration and progresses over time to work on active strengthening of the shoulder and surrounding muscles to allow patients to return to their desired activities. He was able to work with a physical therapist who specializes in shoulder rehab and return to sports through his care being specifically tailored to his individual goals and activities. J.D. was able to incorporate fundamentals of the golf swing into his rehab program and then progress to working with a golf trainer to not only prevent future problems with his shoulder, but improve his game.


Over a year out from surgery, J.D. is doing great and playing a better golf game than ever.


“Amazing the little things I can do without pain liketurn and put my shoulder over the seat to back the car up, reach up in bed and turn off the light switch, etc., etc. I can throw a football though not far but the biggest news is with my golf game.  I belong to a small country club… and since I began to play again after the surgery my game has steadily improved. I think I was favoring the shoulder more than I knew, as I began to be able to execute what I learned in my golf lessons. …My friend and I played in our 2 day member-member and came from 6 shots back to win the overall net championship! Thanks in no small part to my new shoulder! … I actually broke 80 for the first time in my life and shot a 74-2 under par on the front 9, to bring us back to victory!!”