Chief Complaint/Injury

Jeff is a hiker, skier, and fitness enthusiast who suffered an acute injury to his left knee due to a skiing accident in March of 2017.  He came to us with an unstable knee and a goal of getting back in action after ACL reconstruction over 60.

Work Up/Imaging

His MRI demonstrated a complete ACL tear with a tear of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus.  Due to his active lifestyle and desire to return to all of his favorite activities, surgery was a reasonable consideration. He pursued a course of physical therapy and rehabilitation with underwater treadmill running prior to making the decision to proceed with an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction surgery.

Surgical Intervention

His surgery was scheduled for May of 2017. He underwent an arthroscopic-assisted hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction, arthroscopic partial lateral meniscectomy, and patellar chondroplasty. He tolerated the procedure well and without complication.  In this outpatient arthroscopic procedure, we use a high-definition fiberoptic video camera and two of the patient’s own hamstring tendons to reconstruct the ACL.

Back in Action

Jeff was able to strengthen and progress through post-operative physical therapy, and has since returned to his favorite activities. An avid fly-fisherman, skier, and outdoor sports enthusiast he is now able to participate in all desired activities with a stable knee.