Chief Complaint/Injury

CrossFit Shoulder Injury. In the middle of training for competition, this CrossFit enthusiast experienced troubling shoulder pain that was hindering her performance.


She was diagnosed with a shoulder strain and rotator cuff tendonitis.


With conservative management, including physical therapy and a home exercise program, she was able to regain strength and control of her shoulder.  These injuries typically involve a strain of the rotator cuff with inflammation of the tendon and shoulder capsule as well as imbalance and poor control/function of the shoulder blade (scapula) stabilizing muscles.  Specific attention to strengthening of the rhomboid and serratus muscles with a tailored therapy protocol, oral anti-inflammatories, and activity modification typically leads to excellent results and full return to desired function.


Now she is back on the CrossFit floor lifting competitively and crushing the competition, pain-free! These injuries are not specific to CrossFit but are common injuries that occur from overhead lifting, kayaking, tennis, contact sports, and a variety of other activities.  Successful treatment enables patients to not only return, but reduce their risk of further shoulder injury.