Chief Complaint/Injury of International Fracture Patient

41 yr-old, Right-Hand Dominant male presents from Africa with a right humeral non-union approximately 15 years after initial motorcycle injury with 3 prior surgeries (Open Reduction Internal Fixation with a plate; then 2 subsequent hardware removals for infection) and a radial nerve injury.

Workup/Images of Complex Humeral Nonunion

X-rays reveal a nonunion of the right humeral mid-shaft with resorption and remodeling as well as old screw holes from prior plate fixation which failed with infection. Physical exam reveals gross instability at the fracture site which gives him a “double-elbow” and prevents him from having any significant functional use of his dominant right upper extremity.


As a team approach with our hand, wrist, and nerve specialist, Dr. Richard Barth, the patient’s radial nerve is dissected free and the fracture debrided. Bone graft is take from his pelvis to augment the biology and healing potential of the fracture nonunion and stable fixation is obtained with a humeral locking plate.

open reduction internal fixation of complex humeral nonunion in international african patient after motorcycle injury in africa X-ray image Rudzki


healed humerus fracture after complex revision surgery to treat infected nonunion from african motorcycle accident X-ray Rudzki

The fracture goes on to union and the patient is able to return to his life in Africa with a regained ability to participate in desired activities of daily living to support his family.

Dr. Rudzki sees several international patients each month from across the globe. These include diplomats, family members of foreign dignitaries, Peace Corps volunteers, Catholic Charities patients, and soldiers from several nations. Many of these patients come for consultations and surgical treatment of complex orthopaedic issues. For further information, please contact