Chief Complaint/Chronic ACL Injury

52 year-old female former collegiate soccer player presents with functional knee instability over 25 years after an ACL tear sustained while playing soccer in need of ACL Reconstruction. This delayed ACL reconstruction for treatment of a chronic injury with chronic instability over 25 years is somewhat unique in comparison to typical, routine ACL reconstruction surgery.


X-rays reveal no arthritis and MRI reveals a complete ACL tear.

Patient needs ACL Reconstruction with Arthroscopic-Assisted Hamstring Autograft Procedure.

X-ray of knee with chronic ACL tear female soccer player Rudzki
MRI of ACL tear requiring ACL reconstruction Rudzki

Surgery – Delayed ACL Reconstruction

Patient undergoes a successful arthroscopic hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction.

ACL reconstruction image Rudzki

Result of ACL Reconstruction

She is able to return to soccer, sports, and fitness activities.

“My knee is the best joint in my body (laughs). Thanks for giving me my sports life back and everything you’ve done for me — I have played another 10 years of soccer that would not have been possible without you.”

Image of 52 year old female soccer player with successful ACL treatment