Chief Complaint/Clavicle Fracture Injury

31 yr-old mountain biker and extreme sports enthusiast sustains a direct blow to his left shoulder in a crash.


X-rays reveal a displaced and comminuted fracture of the lateral clavicle.

Surgery – Clavicle Fracture Repair

Patient taken to surgery for open reduction internal fixation to anatomically reduce/align the fracture and fixate/repair the fracture with a pre-contoured locking plate and screws.


After 6 weeks in sling and dedicated work in physiotherapy, patient makes full recovery and returns to all desired sports without limitation.

Displaced clavicle fractures are common injuries in athletes. Lateral clavicle fractures commonly involve comminution or fragmentation of the bone and injury to the adjacent coracoclavicular ligaments. Dr. Rudzki has a high level of expertise in these injuries and has lectured nationally and internationally on their treatment.

Link to Video Case Presentation: YouTube Mountain Bike Clavicle Fracture Video