JR Rudzki, MD

About Dr. Rudzki

Dr. Rudzki is an expert orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine with a focus on arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee and elbow.

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JR Rudzki, MD Top Doc Washington, DC 2017

Dr. Rudzki named one of Washingtonian’s 2020 Top Doctors

Dr. Rudzki is recognized by his peers for his focus on athletic injuries to shoulders and knees, and his ability to return athletes to their games.

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JR Rudzki, MD Top Doc Washington, DC 2017

One of Bethesda Magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors

Dr. Rudzki was named in Bethesda Magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors in Montgomery County and upper DC areas in Orthopedics. Physicians are nominated by their peers for being the best in their field.

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Dr. JR Rudzki Interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN

Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

When CNN’s Situation Room required an expert assessment of the implications of Kevin Ware’s broken leg, Dr. Rudzki was tapped for the job.

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Dr. Rudzki what patients are saying

What Patients Are Saying

Case Studies of our patients provide the best feedback and examples of our care on and off the field of play.  There is nothing like seeing an athlete return to peak performance!

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Recent Updates

  • returned to hockey after shoulder stabilization